Here kitty kitty, shew you stink!

Got cats?  Or even 1 cat?  Then you know that the litter box is the least favorite thing about owning a feline!  There are many products on the market claiming to be odor eliminating – everything from various types of litter with uber clumping power, to those with charcoal that “stop odor in it’s tracks”.  And then on the other hand, there’s that expensive box of powder you can add to the litter to absorb the smells that the fancy litter was supposed to stop in the first place.
Well, stop buying the expensive additives and use this one instead… will go a lot farther than the boxes of powder you get specifically for litter boxes, AND you can choose from a variety of scents instead of the one litter deodorizer on the shelf.

Shower-to-Shower powder OR baby powder!  Both have odor absorbing properties, have a nice scent, and will work nicely with your favorite brand of litter!  It will help aid the scent fighting battle for less money, and your cat shouldn’t mind a bit!


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