Organized Chaos – getting it together!

We all know that it’s hard to keep things in order in this crazy thing we call life.  But, there are ways to improve your organization at the same time making something attractive plus easy and fun to use!  This post begins a series of organizational sharing – ways to make your life less cluttered, more fun!

In the kitchen – organize your cans with this handy trick!

Move from cans to pan lids – who would have ever guessed curtain rods would be good for anything else?

While we’re hanging out in the kitchen – why not chill that unruly freezer with a few cute totes?

I am going to invest in some of these slide out drawers for both my kitchen and bathrooms!  What a fantastic idea!

Keep your grocery list, daily events, and more organized in your kitchen with a chalkboard door!

Hidden trash cans help to keep the kitchen neat and tidy!

Next time around – we’ll discuss how to get your laundry and bath back in shape, and how to declutterfy your children (yep, that’s a word in our book.)


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