Spiff It Up – Laundry/Bath

Organizing your laundry room and bathrooms may seem like a terrible chore.  But we’re sure that the following suggestions might get the ball rolling in the right direction towards uncluttered chaos and a happier you!  Let’s get started with the laundry room.

Get your sort on with this creative way of reusing a cabinet or vanity!  Use it to sort your colors, kids laundry, or just to store the baskets themselves!

Reuse old drawers on the wall like an open cabinet for storage above your washer/dryer.

Have a sink or cabinet in your laundry room (or bath)? Use this simple fix of a tension rod to organize bottles!

  • Now – bathrooms.  We all know that this is a sore subject in most households, but with the following tips, you can organize and beautify your bathroom(s)!

Hanging baskets – what a great idea, especially for small spaces or those without a lot of floor space!

Organize your every day items like hairbrushes and more with hanging bucket storage – keeps your counter tops free of clutter!

 Two shower curtains instead of one gives the bathroom a modern, sleek, and unique look!

There are lots more where these came from in our Household Happiness board!  Be sure to check it out and watch our blog for more tips to make your household happier!


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