Mason Jar Night Light

My laundry room has 1 plug, besides the one for the washer/dryer.  So, putting a night light in the room to help with the extreme darkness is not easy.  So, I have a solution that allows me to use my mason jars (which I love) and a touch of creativity!

You do not have to secure the mason jar to the cabinet as I have shown below, but it sure is nice when you don’t have a safe or solid place to sit it!  Space saving – badabing!

Simply use a screw with a sharp point – and gently, but with some oomph – start the screw through the top of the lid with it ON the jar.  Once you start the hole, remove the screw and the lid and reverse the process so the screw is pointed UP out of the lid.

Now, secure the lid to the underside of the cabinet till tight.  Add an LED or other battery operated item to the jar (NO FLAMES) and screw into place – holding onto the lid that’s attached to the cabinet is a good idea otherwise it tends to spin.  And voila!  A hanging nightlight!


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