Who needs surround sound? Grab a mug!

Ok, stop looking at the title of this blog entry like we’ve gone and lost our minds…I assure you, we haven’t (yet haha) so please, read on!  🙂

Want to fill your room with the sound of music from your iPhone, iPod, MP3 player, etc but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a speaker system or dock?  Well have we got a solution for you!  After experimenting with many different types of cups, glasses, and so forth – a fantastic discovery has been made!  Putting your device into an empty, clean coffee mug gives you the BEST and LOUDEST sound quality out of all the different ones we tested!

The original idea came from Pinterest of course!  A coffee mug seems to do an even better job at amplifying the sound than an ordinary glass or cylindrical container.  Try it for yourself and let us know what you find works best for you! 😉

Please make sure your glass is clean, dry,  and empty before adding your device.


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