Redesigning – Reinventing – Revisiting!

Christina {owner/designer}  & contributing artist, Alexis {daughter}

Christina {owner/designer} & contributing artist, Alexis {daughter}

Last post was in March 2013.  Wow – has it really been since March?  Sorry about that, things have been rather crazy and busy around here.
So, I am currently redesigning our blog – so bear with me as the changes are being made and excuse the dust, it’s a construction project in progress!  I hope to use it more once I finish it!
South for Winter is now strictly a mother/daughter team!  My daughter, Alexis, has been on board since the beginning – but, it’s OFFICIAL, she is my business partner and contributor of items such as loop bracelets and artwork drawings!  I still do 100% of the sewing, but she is helping by learning the ropes – cutting fabric, how to interface, etc!  She is going to be such a big help as there are times when demand is more than I can handle alone {that’s a good thing!}
There’s lots of goodness happening over on our Facebook page – if you’re not a fan, you should be! { click here }
I love blogging, and honestly I will try hard to fit it in the schedule more!  Soon, I will have a contest opportunity again – I’m working hard to make it happen!
That’s what’s up at South for Winter as of today!
Creatively Yours,
Christina Moran, Owner/Designer

We have new products – here’s a couple, check them out!

Custom Everlasting Wreaths   Catalog Keepers 

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