Quick Design DIY – Freshen Up A Doorway

This project will take you NO time at all and is inexpensive!  Dress up a doorway with any shower curtain you can get on the market!

What you need:

Metal (or wood) Dowel Rod

2-3 Screw Hooks (?)

1 Dollar Store (or any) shower curtain with button holes for shower curtain hooks

How to do it:

Measure your doorway and pick the appropriate size dowel rod for it.

Hold dowel rod over doorway and center – placing dowel approximately 3″ above the door frame.

Mark 2 inches in from either end – this is where you will place your screw hooks.

Screw hooks into wall with the loop facing up towards ceiling to cup the dowel rod.

Run the dowel rod through the shower curtain button holes (where you’d usually put hooks)

Hang curtain by placing the dowel rod in the hooks.   Voila!

You can get creative and make a tieback with ribbon, string, rope etc by putting nails or tacks in the wall to hold back, or purchase curtain tiebacks from Lowes, etc if you want to spend a few extra dollars.  Have fun with it!


If you have any questions regarding this quick tutorial, please email us at mycreativeside@hotmail.com


Get a handle on things!

Let’s talk about handles – drawer handles, cabinet handles – you know what we mean!  Reusing handles can prove to be a fabulous way to organize!  Here’s some ideas that we like – more to come!

Above – Reuse old handles as a towel holder, or pick up inexpensive ones from a hardware store!

Below – a great jewelry organization board!

Here you see old hot and cold handles being used on a shelf – so cute!

Cake Stand Tutorial

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Cake stands are an elegant way to display decadent desserts and more – I have come up with a simple and inexpensive way to make your own!  The possibilities are truly endless with this project!

You will need:

  • 2 – Candle Holders (I used tapered ones I had on hand, ones with a bigger base recommended)
  • Hot Glue
  • Modge Podge OR Elmers School Glue – must dry clear
  • Glitter – really fine grade glitter, such as Martha Stewart.  Course/large glitter won’t give the same effect.
  • Battery Operated Micro LED Lights (optional) – these can be purchased inexpensively at Amazon.com in a variety of colors – white, blue, red, green, pink, and yellow

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Cake Stand, Paper Flowers, & Cupcakes – OH MY!

This morning, I started off with a simple task….bake a cake for my mom’s 65th birthday – who wanted a devils food cake with chocolate icing – a chocolate on chocolate as I call it. A cake you say? Most people would bake a cake, frost it, and sing happy birthday – but it’s me you’re talking about. I don’t do simple, it’s always above and beyond what the dictionary defines as simple. Today, I did it all….I made the cake stand from objects I had already in my house, I baked 2 dozen cupcakes and one small round cake, made paper flowers using items I already had on hand – and these pictures are representative of my hard work!

Tomorrow, I will post video tutorials on how to make your very own cake stand and paper flowers!

Coffee Filter Bows

What you need:

  • Regular Coffee Filters (pick some up for $1.00 at Dollar General or equivalent)
  • Scotch Tape
  • Areosol glitter spray (optional) – spray on and dry before assembling
  • Food coloring (optional) – for dying the coffee filters before assembling
  • Ribbon (optional) – get creative!

Great for all types of packages – birthday, Christmas, and more!  Inexpensive and quick way to make your package unique without breaking the bank!