Get a handle on things!

Let’s talk about handles – drawer handles, cabinet handles – you know what we mean!  Reusing handles can prove to be a fabulous way to organize!  Here’s some ideas that we like – more to come!

Above – Reuse old handles as a towel holder, or pick up inexpensive ones from a hardware store!

Below – a great jewelry organization board!

Here you see old hot and cold handles being used on a shelf – so cute!


Drink it Up!

We would like to take a moment away from organization and home decor and make your mouth water for some delish drinks!  Personally, parties aren’t complete without something unique, and I tend to gravitate towards drinks than fancy foods.  I made an ice punch bowl once time many years ago and was hooked on the idea of making something amazing for my drinks!

Here are some examples of drinks we think are pretty spiffy! (don’t tell my kids I still use that word)


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Spiff It Up – Laundry/Bath

Organizing your laundry room and bathrooms may seem like a terrible chore.  But we’re sure that the following suggestions might get the ball rolling in the right direction towards uncluttered chaos and a happier you!  Let’s get started with the laundry room.

Get your sort on with this creative way of reusing a cabinet or vanity!  Use it to sort your colors, kids laundry, or just to store the baskets themselves!

Reuse old drawers on the wall like an open cabinet for storage above your washer/dryer.

Have a sink or cabinet in your laundry room (or bath)? Use this simple fix of a tension rod to organize bottles!

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Lavish Laundry – on the hunt!

Currently, I am on the hunt for a cabinet, preferably an antique, that I can re-purpose for this project!  This would fit perfectly in a nook I have in my laundry room!  You could use it simply to store laundry baskets or to sort colors, whites, socks, kids vs. parents laundry, etc!  I can’t wait to find a cabinet, and once I do and get it finished, I will be sure to share pictures with you!

(Idea originated from Pinterest)