Cake Stand, Paper Flowers, & Cupcakes – OH MY!

This morning, I started off with a simple task….bake a cake for my mom’s 65th birthday – who wanted a devils food cake with chocolate icing – a chocolate on chocolate as I call it. A cake you say? Most people would bake a cake, frost it, and sing happy birthday – but it’s me you’re talking about. I don’t do simple, it’s always above and beyond what the dictionary defines as simple. Today, I did it all….I made the cake stand from objects I had already in my house, I baked 2 dozen cupcakes and one small round cake, made paper flowers using items I already had on hand – and these pictures are representative of my hard work!

Tomorrow, I will post video tutorials on how to make your very own cake stand and paper flowers!


Drink it Up!

We would like to take a moment away from organization and home decor and make your mouth water for some delish drinks! ¬†Personally, parties aren’t complete without something unique, and I tend to gravitate towards drinks than fancy foods. ¬†I made an ice punch bowl once time many years ago and was hooked on the idea of making something amazing for my drinks!

Here are some examples of drinks we think are pretty spiffy! (don’t tell my kids I still use that word)


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